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The Carry-On Photo Although you may be a proud mom to your child or children, selecting a photo of yourself with your newborn child as your main profile photo, might be seen as “baggage” to some men who are online dating.Women who are single moms do have success and opportunities online, but advertising you and your kids on your main profile photo may limit the opportunity for men to want to get to know you.More than 70 percent of Americans are online, with 15 percent of Internet users using dating apps and websites to find partners and hookups.About 80 percent of those that swipe right and put up profiles say it’s a great way to meet people, and more than 60 percent say it’s far easier than traditional methods of meeting potential mates – you know, like having to actually leave the house and be social. He’s a man of the world, as evidenced by the adult beverage and knowing smirk. If he was really thinking straight, he would have taken off his wedding ring -- unless Chuck thinks he’s just so suave that his wife won’t mind him trolling for babes?Here is a list of the top 10 worst types of online dating profile photos, women’s edition.I invite you to take a look at your current profile photo and ask yourself if the shoe fits…Recently, I decided to search online as a male seeking female from the age of 25 – 40.

Guys who have a better view of the make and model of the cell phone you have, instead of your eye color, might also choose to pass you by.To my surprise, I actually thought women would do a little better than the men with choosing their primary profile photo.To my unpleasant surprised, I discovered that women and men are making common online dating profile photo mistakes.Honesty may be the best policy, but so is leaving a little to the imagination, and a lot to be learned by actually meeting in person. She will absolutely go insane and she’s warning you ahead of time. “I’m not down to earth at all” is about as honest as one can start a profile, and promising to show up at your house drunk and weepy in the wee hours of the morning? We get that not everyone likes the delicate flavor of tea, and perhaps even the distaste of sunshine can be acceptable (someone has to live in Alaska, after all) but not liking cider? He’s not going to ask you to meet him in at his uncle’s hunting cabin off the grid. His world, as he describes it, is magical because of all the no murdering going on. His attempt at humor points out that he hit his victims. Now let’s address the elephant in the room, shall we?

A dating profile is supposed to be a hint and preview, not a memoir and a platform for ranting. It’s a very popular way to get a date – just learn from these 15 worst dating profiles so you wind up with an actual date instead of a lonely inbox. This guy wants to put you at ease so badly that he wastes no time in putting your greatest fear to rest. He’s not going to tell you to leave your cell phone at home and not tell anyone where you are going. This is a man that does not have murder on his mind. He’s just a guy that likes to have fun by constantly resisting the urge to murder his dates. Did he mention he’s from the city made famous by a strangler? Actually, this guy that looks like he could absolutely hold down an unwilling victim easily is doing us all a really big favor. That’s a massively big alarm bell clanging like there’s no tomorrow. Putting an apple in your mouth is reminiscent of the succulent roasted pig appreciated at cookouts, and honey, you deserve so much more than that comparison.

Certainly not suggesting that you side-step conversations around your kids or pretend that they don’t exist, but online dating should be about you first.

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