20 year old male dating a 16 year old female

In the end, they accepted it since they like her, though.I've been through two serieus relationships (one two years, other one and a half years) and I'm her first boyfriend, even one of the first guys she ever talked to.

I'm fearing it will change too much, and she'll eventually leave me (like my ex did, when she experienced the outgoing life, she wanted to be free.) I don't want to be a snack, or be with her all for nothing because it might wind up being the same as her. Next time I'll see her I'm going to have a talk with her about this..I'm also starting to think we don't want the same from a relationship.I'm even wondering if she likes me at all, at times.I just happened to run into her via some friends and found out about her age later, and I was okay with it because I liked her very much She's a shy, quiet girl who doesn't talks much (with guys) and reads a damn lot.

But I just had a pretty tough conversations with my parents about this, and I'm starting having doubts as well.

It really is all how you perceive it, those inevitable moments where the difference in age is so clearly pointed out might be awkward to some, while others find it humorous.