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I like the way you play those romantic parts of the show. i'm assuming she's already married considering her age.Manoucher Sabeti, Guam hi lee bo young ssi i'm your fan from indonesia i find your so beautiful in Queen of the Game drama and Mr. Korea is flooded with beautiful marriageable faithful women. but the population shows men outnumbered the women by about close to 800,000. u r so match with lee sangyoon in my daughter seo young. She's beautiful and one of my few favorite actresses... Good luck and continue to give us your fine and effective acting. Not sure if there's anything else positive I can say about you that hasn't already been mentioned by others in this forum. She is definitely going to sweep all the awards this year...You were great in Man from Equator and charmingly superb in I Can Hear Your Voice. i'm just starting to watch ji sung's television series and i kind of loving it. Your acting are startlingly amazing and your facial expressions are exquisitely charming, regardless of the roles you play. I didn't know Lee Bo Young until watched "I Hear Your Voice", which was my first drama with her... LOL.I heard the news about LBY getting married to JS, what passed to my thought is "JS must be worried after seeing LBY n LJS play together as a couple and has a good chemistry??However, that only demonstrates your talent level as exceptional. I guess is true that great talents have a string that connects them in life. And this is my 1st time watching a Korean drama and I love it so so so so much. I was so impressed by Lee Bo Young's talent in acting..I came to your page because I saw you were married to another one of my favorite actors. Really love lee Bo young so much.beautiful n funny in this much Hi, Lee Bo Young, your character and personality in the I Hear Your Voice, hooked my heart, I got addicted following and watching your series, videos, interviews, biography and collecting your pictures. I just hope and pray that you can visit here in the Philippines. I really love to watch I hear your voice..i love lee bo young's character..i just finished watching the whole episodes just for 2 see you more on your next projects.are really a talented and beautiful actress.. I first saw her in More Than Blue, which is an extremely emotional film, that made me cry so hard...then just few weeks ago, I watched I Hear Your Voice in 3days (just because I'm busy), but if not, I would've finished it within a day..Her character was totally different from More Than Blue but because she did very well in being Hye Sung, I looked into her more differently and became more impressed.

I can imagine the life of people leaving in those old times. I've just watched Harvest Villa, i cried a lot compare to your other roles when Seo Rin's secret was discovered by Bok Gyu as a bar girl. i love you unni lee bo young and i hope you can visit my country, indonesia.Your beauty, charm, talent and kind heartedness is beyond compare. Children are so special and it was scary to view some of the scenes. I don't know you are your spouse of course but he seems like a very fun guy to hang with. From your fan Nicole in United States Kentucky Your natural beauty reflected your character..i really like the way you act..specially your dedication in helping other i want to be like you in that way..i hope i can see you personally. I ve just finished watching I can hear ur voice tonight. I love God Gift even though at times it was hard to watch because of the with lee bo-young, i just finished 'i hear your voice'... She's really really hardworking and I'm glad that she's finally receiving all the recognition she deserved. She is now my favorite actress since I finished watching my daughter Seo Young. I hope you would still continue to do dramas after you get married. Looking forward to your next drama and certainly hope you sweep the major awards in 2013. I fell in love with her from head to toe in this drama ;). The more I looked at her, the more I was attracted by her elegant beauty.... she was so beautiful in this drama (even though she played a passive character in this drama). I hear your voice is definitely in my top 5 kdramas of all time now and Lee Bo-Young is also up there in my top 5 kdrama actresses. " Well what ever the reason is finally, chukhae eonni for your married!! I'm almost done with all of her movies, except A Dirty Carnival, which I'm saving for a good time to enjoy.

hope to see both of you in a movie or tele-drama series. I'm sad to know her only just recently and she's already getting married soon. I believe she is an under rated actress since her talent is amazing. Now I am watching your past dramas and they are all amazing. Just wondering whether Lee Bo Young can play both piano and guitar in real life? hope everything going well ^,^ All this time I've been anticipating her marriage with JS. All of, my favorite is easily More Than Blue, due to the unique way of storytelling. As I have lived in asia and many girls love to be girl than strong.

Coffee and minced pies were, this year, served in the bar, which gave everyone the chance to mingle and socialise after as well as before the meal.

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