Are strong women intimidating to men

In American culture, movies and media, there is a strong push for an archetype of the “strong woman.” How many movies have you seen where a woman acts like a complete pain in the ass the whole movie and the protagonist dude chases her around the entire movie like a puppy dog?I’ve even seen it in a children’s movie (I think it was “How to Train Your Dragon”). Guys with any power to choose will actively Why would a guy want to choose a negative influence in his life?In the words of Benjamin Franklin [Tact and Tactfulness]: A spoonful of honey will catch more flies than a gallon of vinegar.

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Showing genuine interest or honest appreciation in his accomplishments or hobbies can also help him overcome feelings of “What could she possibly see in me?Some were tomboys growing up and take pride in being one of the guys.Others were late bloomers or women who have had few female role models in their lives.After all, women are encouraged to be assertive, accomplished and independent; being told that they’re “intimidating” sounds like they’re being told to take all of that back and pretend to be something less than what they are. Are geek guys finding a woman’s accomplishments to be somehow threatening? Because “intimidating” is so subject to personal interpretation, I thought it was best to go to the source: geek guys.

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