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Veteran agony aunt Irma Kurtz has been dispensing advice to anxious women for nearly four decades.On the pages of Cosmopolitan magazine and elsewhere, Irma patrols the troubled territory peopled by the heartbroken and the worried, the lovelorn and the lost.Surely someone such as the unimpeachable, kindly and helpful Irma Kurtz can suggest this without being shrilly accused by indulged, militant modern feminists of being a victim-blamer? Another innocent revelry that seems to have ended in tragedy.And another reminder to all young women to look out for each other and look after each other in similar circumstances. Was he overcome by Sudden Fear Of Missing Out On Fatherhood, deciding to send platoons of his reproductive foot soldiers out into the world to raise his own mini-me army? The actor must be congratulated for providing beautiful Kensington mansions for his various offspring, but will they have to grow up with a semi-detached daddy?There were never as many of them in the playground as there were Jameses or Johns.But these days, you'd be hard pressed to find even one little Norman.Back in 1907, more than 1990 baby boys were called Norman.During the past century, the name has been proudly sported by a general (Schwarzkopf), famous footballer (Whiteside), author (Mailer) and a comedian (Wisdom).

Along with Walter, Percy and Harold, Norman has almost completely disappeared from the birth register - going the same way as Gertrude, Edna and Ethel for girls.Richard, once one of the most popular boys' name in the country, is 19th on the 'endangered list'.In the last century it has declined by 66 per cent.The 78-year-old’s ‘crime’ was to mildly suggest in a Radio 4 Woman’s Hour interview this week that women should not get drunk around men because it put them at risk of being raped.

Taken out of context, it sounds terrible; as if both sexes were out of control after a few shandies and all men were potential rapists.

I shudder to think of the wine-fuelled scrapes I might have gotten myself into over the years.