Average age of dating before engagement

At that point, marriage felt like a provincial concept, weighty and dull.In my early twenties, I saw at least the next decade as one filled with spontaneous travel, parties with amazing music and ridiculous conversation, rather than polite chit-chat about house prices and fertility.We only got married young (or, 'young' I suppose) due to a number of favourable factors – not least the fact that we'd been a couple long enough to have had a few years living together to see if we drove each other mad. It may be the fact that most people now co-habit before marriage which plays an important role in the increasing average age at marriage and – happily – a divorce rate which is now a fifth lower than it was in 2002.

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My boyfriend and I had hastily moved into a place together while I was pregnant, so money was tight; nevertheless, we wanted our wedding to be fun.They also broke their results down by region, discovering — perhaps unsurprisingly — that women in the South are in more of a hurry to say 'I do', while those in the Northeast are considerably more cautious.In fact, a whopping 8 per cent of the country dated for only six months before getting engaged.In the end, we decided to spread our shoe-string budget across a registry office do for the family on the Friday, followed by a two-day party at an artist's commune and the surrounding countryside, which my husband had connections to.