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These girls were also often shown in magazines such as Harper’s Bazaar and LIFE, which resulted in a link between trendy fashions and styles, and the maintenance of active lifestyles and healthy well-beings After World War I, the Gibson Girl transformed into the Flapper, which dominated the period of the “Roaring Twenties”.Women transitioned towards androgynous looks, whereby hairstyles were kept short, and wore brassieres that flatten the chest.Dress senses soon become more casual as well, and is said to have been a representation of the reduction in social or political tension after the war, or an extensive disagreement with the Prohibition movement.The 1930’s and 1940’s witnessed the devastating effects of the 2nd World War, which unfortunately led to The Great Depression.

Created by Charles Gibson, he envisioned femininity as slim and tall, with large busts and wide hips, but a narrow waist.While men were out on the battlefield, females began entering the workforce.This resulted in more formal and traditional military dress styles for women, which caused another shift in body image.However, because people are constantly told and shown the cosmetic appeal of weight loss and are warned about the risks of obesity, those who are normal or overweight on the BMI scale have higher risks of poor body image.

This is something that can lead to a change in a person's body image.

Body image can have a wide range of psychological effects and physical effects.

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