Carolyn hax dating advice

Is it reasonable for me to amputate this bad limb and move on? Independently, your sister’s reaction is shocking and offensive, but as the fruit of a deep-rooted impulse to obliterate the hapless-little-sister trope, it verges on sympathetic.This is not to defend her profane eruption or ongoing war. Dear Carolyn: I think online dating is a great idea in theory. But I have anxiety and the thought of spending a couple of hours with someone I don't know is enough to give me the sweats. Both are not only uncalled for, but also proof of her immaturity that she can’t have intended to hand you.However, if you regard this one episode as the last word on who your sister is and will ever be, then you’re being as shortsighted about her as you think she’s being about love. Presumably you made her the butt of your hormonal horror show on a renewable basis, and presumably she didn’t renounce you for it.Presumably she hung in until you shed that skin and a kinder big sister emerged.So I’m with your husband on this one, with a twist: set an example, not for your sister – because any further maternal impulse toward her will be highly inflammatory – but instead for yourself as a parent-to-be.

I’m concerned I’m lying to myself and hanging onto a relationship with a closeted man. As is watching gay porn but drawing a line at saying “gay.”Happy, healthy, satisfied couples heading in a mutually agreeable direction just don’t agonize over their relationships the way you’re picking apart yours.Last summer she started dating a guy my age, her very first boyfriend.She let no one meet him while also not painting the prettiest picture – of his frustrations with her for being late, his drunken emotional rants, etc.But I’m just hurt, angry, and so extremely disappointed in who she is showing herself to be that I just want to move on with our lives sans Sister. I don’t want our daughter exposed to this kind of behavior. Sure, if your plan when your daughter hits a young-adult rough patch (practically redundant) is to cut her loose after she doesn’t follow your maternal advice to your liking. And emotionally settled, and responsibly housed, and professionally stabilized, and sororally bonded despite your mother-figure/wild-child dynamic.

Parents have since apologized for their reaction but that relationship is strained. So I can conclude – stagey throat-clearing – you have the mature perspective to recognize how your idea of protective concern – in trying to save your sister, then in trying to save your unborn child from said sister – could come across to her as the last straw of smugness. Siblings don’t have the luxury of taking incidents between them out of lifelong context – not if they hope to be fair.

I think he’s tired of discussing it, which is a feeling I share. Any insight would be tremendously appreciated.— Stuck and Confused Told you how — in words? That he rejects the idea of dating men with, to paraphrase, “Men wouldn’t like me” vs. Let’s say for the sake of argument your boyfriend is exactly as straight as his parents want him to be.