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Password Requirements: Remember that the password you submit must meet the following criteria: If you cannot remember the answers to your secret questions please contact the Commission via Phone: (518) 408-3976 or email [email protected] Password Change It is easy to change your password, just follow these simple steps: If any of the information that you have provided to obtain the User ID and Password changes you must inform the Commission of these changes by updating your Client Profile through the “Manage Profile” section of the Client menu.You must use this form to update the Profile information you provided on your User ID request.After you have completed and submitted this form, you will be directed to print and sign an application form that must be NOTARIZED and mailed to the Commission before you will receive your User ID and Password.Your User ID and temporary Password will be sent to the e-mail you have provided on your User ID application.Changes made to the client name will be subject to Commission approval and may need additional documentation Please be advised that when you submit a profile update you cannot submit any required reports until the profile update has been approved Semi-annual reports are required to be filed by any client retaining, employing or designating a lobbyist or lobbyists, whether or not any such lobbyist was required to file a bimonthly report, if it is reasonably anticipated that during the year an amount in excess of $5,000 in combined reportable compensation and expenses for lobbying will be expended or incurred.The first client semi-annual report is due by the 15 day of the month following the end of the reporting period in which the client was first required to file a semi-annual report.If there is already information for a Client in the Commission's current database, you may be able to retrieve this data by scrolling through the Client name list first to see if this name is listed.If your name is listed, select this name and review and, if necessary, make corrections to the data.

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This threshold is reduced to one percent in the case of a corporation whose stock is regularly traded on an established securities exchange.If the threshold is exceeded in the January through June period, a July/December Client Semi-Annual Report is required to be filed, even if no further monies are expended; unless the agreement or authorization with your lobbyist terminated on or before June 30.If a January/June Client Semi-Annual Report is filed, and the threshold has not been met for the year, a July/December Client Semi-Annual Report is NOT required.Please be sure your e-mail is correct before you hit the submit button.

PLEASE NOTE: Keep you're User ID and Password in a safe place.

The amounts expended, incurred, or received of reportable compensation and expenses for lobbying activities must be computed cumulatively for all lobbying activities when determining whether the thresholds have been met.

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