Consolidating student loans through federal government

It's focused on federal programs as opposed to private loans.If you have private loans or are considering refinancing your private and federal loans, check out our article on student loan refinancing. An article that starts with a vocabulary list is like being in school again.If you wish to include federal loans as well as private ones, you can do that too. In the case of federal student loan consolidation, the U. Department of Education sets the new interest rate by determining an average of the rates of the federal loans you're consolidating.Therefore, refinancing may give you a better interest rate, especially if you have a good job and your credit rating is strong.Some of these companies work with private lenders and may suggest refinancing as a better deal.In addition, these services sometimes deal with people who are in default or are dealing with wage garnishments. To be eligible, you must have one or more federal student loans that are not in default.In the United States, nearly 70 percent of college graduates leave university with student loan debt.

You would not have been required to start paying these loans off before graduation.

Some people are simply busy and prefer to pay someone else to handle it for them.

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