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Not only are they a fan of the show and the characters I do, but also a fan of me. Another time, I was in Hollywood at [Britney’s] star taking a picture with it and dressed as her, and a grandmother came over to me and she’s like, “Oh my gosh, my granddaughter wanted to come so badly to meet with you. ” I felt so bad because this grandmother really thought I was Britney, so I did.I talked to the granddaughter and said, “Oh, thank you so much, I wish you could have been here today.” It’s so bad, but I couldn’t let her down.Or little things like [how] people thought it would be funny if I were to perform the song “Crazy” and to have someone carry me out on a stretcher—I just didn’t find the humor in any of that; It’s someone’s life.I was all about portraying her in the most positive light.And obviously, “Work Bitch” was very successful, so I get to do that at all the clubs.I’m hoping that once her show kicks off that we can do a little tribute to the acts that she’s doing here in Vegas.Britney Spears and her hunky 22-year-old boyfriend, Sam Asghari, have been dating only three months but Radar has exclusively learned that she wants to have his baby as soon as possible!

I had a fan of the show that got a tattoo that says “Divas” and then underneath it says “Britney Spears” and “Lady Gaga” and then “Derrick Barry” as well.A lot of people are upset by reports that Britney will lip-sync her way through the show. I think that anyone who has a problem with Britney lip-syncing should probably get onstage in front of thousands of people, learn all of her choreography and go through the whole show singing live—and then we’ll see if they’ll sing live and have the backlash from the critics on not sounding perfect because they’re dancing the whole way through the show. It’s the reason that I moved to Vegas and just took a leap of faith, because that song was so powerful. There’s no one, in my eyes, that’s more beautiful than Britney Spears.If you were approached to perform a duet with Britney during the show, what song would you choose? I would love to do “Toxic” with her, just because she had the two looks—where she had the dark hair and then she had the red hair. It was definitely my sign that I needed to move here and continue impersonating her. If they need me to walk VIPs to their seats or if they need me to help with meet and greets or if they need me to sweep the stage after the show, I will do it. Every night I’m so grateful that I pinch myself—I get to go onstage and do these songs that I love and I know all the words to anyway just because I’m a fan of hers. I feel like I don’t even work for a living because I love what I do.Britney had a very public meltdown a few years back. I did get hired to do the Comedy Festival with HBO, and they wanted to have me take my wig off at the very end—and I had a shaved head.

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    Jan 11, 2018. Do Britney and Sam have a private relationship? In November 2016 Sam posted a laid back snap of the couple enjoying a sushi date on his Instagram page with Britney poking her tongue out. But as his followers began to question whether this was the start of a blossoming relationship, he hastily deleted.…
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    Jan 2, 2017. When they dated 2007–2008. Who is he A paparazzo who ended up dating Britney during the dark days of 2007. Why he's significant He was there when Britney was going through some hard shit and it's hard for me to believe he was good for her. He also had that chin-strap facial hair, which I can never.…