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Discover why Danes are considered the world’s happiest people, how the Russians built the Hermitage, and how much you can do when the nights are white and days never end.Ports of call include Copenhagen in Denmark, Kiel (Hamburg) in Germany, Tallinn in Estonia, an overnight in St.Kosherica is the most respected company for Jewish Travelers. This leaves more time to explore all the amenities that today’s cruise ships have to offer.With a kosher cruise, you can forget about having to schlep bags and suitcases as you traipse across the globe: the ship carries your stuff for you. From spas and cooking shows to pools and rock climbing walls, cruises have everything you need and more. And you get to visit one destination after another feeling relaxed and energized.Petersburg, Russia, Helsinki in Finland, and overnight in Stockholm, Sweden, and Berlin, Germany.Kosherica provides customized Jewish Tours and Jewish sightseeing (and secular tours) on this amazing vacation.From the footsteps of the Rashba in Catalonia to the stunning cliffs of the Amalfi coast, these are destinations that amaze the mind and the senses.

Kosherica also provides a pre-cruise Shabbat option with Glatt Kosher meals.Kosherica’s 20 kosher cruises are as exciting and magical as ever.Alaska Kosher Cruises and Tours 2018 - 2019 In the heat of summer, there’s nothing like escaping to the fresh, cool air of Alaska’s glaciers and waterways.Caribbean Glatt Kosher Cruise and Tour 2018 - 2019 Ah, nothing compares to the paradise of the Caribbean islands.