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practice tlielr prolcsalon lu nil tin V wurlaof Olilo nml i.tjoluliuecoutitlei r Ua c. Around this tcmplo is to run in n circlo a placid shcot of water, nud around that tho urcadium, a complex of structures wherein schools, gymnasiums, etc., aro to bo housed. This is how he puts it: "We aro on the verge of Tho tho end of tho old dispensation. Tho "Ono of theso charges is that tho nro known to bo hurled alive. Feland out of tho Court of Appeals laborer may becomo a capitalist, and for arbitration by somo prominent 'h candidncj' means nothing. nowspapors, but, so fur as I know, by rents nro exorbitant, nnd it is implied but another fatality at tho same and tho capitalist becomo a laborer; all John Kuesell, of Green county, for race. ing workman that no prudent employer i OWENSBORO, KY For further information and illusof Him "who turneth tho rivers Chapman, Contertown; J. Maddox, oould submit to arbitration tho ques Nothing Strange. On this tract of 1,000 acres and on tho land which they expect to own later on tho New Jerusalem is to bo built according to tho plan which is published herewith. In its center is to riso tho most maguiflcent temple tho world has ever seen tho great fame of the Koreshans. that amount ho would gnarnnteo to put up, brand now, this whole city of 8,000,000 souls. Teed feels that ajword is hero expected as to how ho proposes to raiso this tritlo. Guffy will develop wouuded, ono fatally, nnd threo others thoy nro in their clamor against tho company: Of condition of tho snfllciont strength to horn Judge John is striving to retain his wealth. John Mason, who lived made,resultiugin finding the mutilated near Knoxville, Tenn., and that Mrs. Sho said she was tho next day tho husband was seen roam- disguised soldier, Jack Mason. Fred Miller, writes that ho had a severe Kidney Dr. Another peculiarity is that her dual personality is readily affected by odors'. Tho primo, first, last and all the time object of an advertisement is to draw custom. Pierce's Pleasant Pel- wlik'h let with a surmr-coatln- ir WW u surrounds their coiicentratul viiro- lilo oxtractu. Good nature belonrai to nil actlvo lirer; Irritability to a morbid liver. Electropoise A limited number of instruments will a littlo unfortunate that so many foreigners visited Chicago last year and be rented at this nominal price, simply carried off from thero their impressions as an advertisement. Hero is the idea ford to miss this opportunity, it has formed by a gentleman who was p.romi-nontl- y never been made before, and will not elseconnected with tho Swiss ex- last long. Is it not, Tho President will appoint n com I linn. tho unemployed hut could 11ml soino "Tl S are author Ued to announce It seems singular that with such a con thing to do if thoy would do it. Tho distorted, and thus misleading to tho, to ho obscured. Tho great railroad striko has We who saw her in her Nino weeks ago tho car shops at Pull- tenants therefor. She said there and iq a few days a soarcb was sho was Mrs. Is especially adapted to tho cure of all Ragland, Rosiue; V. Another time she spoko of a foreign substanco coursing through the system ot an individual of whom she had no knowledge whatever, and said that this sub stance had entered the body through the left arm betwoon tho elbow and tbe shoulder. Tho offensive tnsto of oils, or of bitter Is apt to tippet ingestion, Pel lets Iillls digestion. They're easy In action, and after using them you feci utll litvul of ISillous and Constipated; your Hick Hvadailie, Dizziness, and Indigestion are gono. "Thoro is hard- - any contingency open nnd opornto tho Mayor Carter Harrison, of Chicago, Iil.lrlcl or In uow lliuru itru uur uvv. Thoro is not ona in ten of should lmppon to bo tho opinion of it noon, uis nccx was Kronen uy mo inn sitiou of tho Pullman Comnnuv." said 84,i OO, whilo now thoy cost about $CA0. Pullman this ovonlng, "but "'ird party that I should do bo. MIIIUIAV, stantly increasing demand thero should bank clerk who loses bin position may k hrkms fix years ago, hut such is tho caso, and ing tho plow is ranch hotter than lying beforo it Rtops thoro will bo compnrn-tivelin tho shade nnd doing nothing. I'oforo I lijul mi HIioil the claims for pensions pendingnt tlio close iiurlll.i. most exactly tho gross sum piid by the mentalities provided by government to givo prompt nnd respectful attention 1834 65.420.2J3 Oil 18th Day of June, 1831. is Waliiinc), Kinnav S: Mahin, Wholesale ment of this contest. months, and in that timo a baby girl John in some way became separated, was born. When atkod to givo a moro detailed description of somo particular thing mentiouod, she will say: "I will doscend and cxamino it." If loft at soma distant point without an express command to retnrn she is apt to go on a tour of observation and investigation on her own account. " she will givo a description of the locality, and her comments upon what sho sees aro said to bo philosophic and sometimes interspersed with an extraordinary flow ot tho keenest wit. debatable matter and refusing to lis- him would havo been n long step iu ever, 22,205 nro already on tho rolls, a W. 01,: U'i,193 irt machinery, I secured enough of work water consumed by tho tonauts was al- sou taking fire, exploded tho supply of to evi- directed and exerted. Wayno Griffin & Rro., to two hundred miles, uud diversified of intoxicating liquors of any domes, twouty-thrcnomination for Conjiro.-ss-, will mittco any rest until something is ac iu tho town of Rosiuo. She was in bed several rill e, with which she was an oxport. Hor descriptions of places of which sho hid no previous knowledge nro said to bo accurate, and always from a point that affords what is known as a bird's eye viow. Then of last tho great self docs directly some things which in oldest citizens $! in D.niess county, died Capital Stock f2, K.7t Duo Depositors Chicago aro assumed by the city. ) 2 disregarding all account of capital and paid the Tillage per month for tho troops were being movod, and the cais number of other opportunities for them, provided tho power is properly swerving integrity, dignified moral 1831 .'.

We challenge the world to Sarsaparilla cleanses tho blood from all produce a BETTER 9S0.00 Sewlntr, impurities. nro-ga- SAVlii M3 HI ANDlwiii f When Advertising is Wanted. Sewlnc machine for 920,00 than you can buy from ne, or our Agents. be knocked insensible with bankrupt reductions in prices before the will spend a cent. Tiiifimi Jrt.'uj.d'ti Uuiiirtjra Tffonl JJeittii L superior lacllltba for Citing Spectacles or Ere Elisscs, wa wll I rend our printed Instructions for'ig tho errs, fcpvetades nnd yef lasus repaired. 5 DOLLARS We want many men, women, boys, and glrlatc work (or us a (ew hours dally, right In and around tlielrown homes. Women do as well as men, and boys and girls make good pay. Earnest work will surely bring you a great deal of money. Write for our pamphlet circular, and receive full Information, No harm done If you conclude not to go on with the 20 Easily Made. George Stinson&Co., PORTLAND, MAINE.' Box 488 Send TEN CENTS irm T choice of l)lack, Blue,arcen, Violet, or Scarlet. barm iu & and wo will tend you enough Ink rowders to mako a halt plntof as good Inkaa la sold anywhere Take your other cause, the stomach, liver nud ot neys becomu disordered, no timo should be lost in stimulating them to action. Then waterfalls deoper, the bridges longer, I said lot ns try Chamberlain's Colic, tho lightning expresses faster, the Cholera and Diarrhcea Remedy, which catastrophies moro terrible than in any ' we did, and that cured us right away. It is tho I think much of it, as it did for me what it was recommended to do." John land where, in a railroad acoidont Hertzlkii, Bethel, Berks county, Pa. Tho most important of tho water consumed by them nbotlt and borno by tho railroads, besides tho Hue from liuuie llauki ami l Unlrra . in American politics; and apply the ordinary frontago rates to tho and llicro is evidence of n gradual endhe is givo millions to deserving disabled brought ruin to thousands of people, tive meaus provided by which that will recanted as a sheet anchor on that com- Federal soldiers who fonght for tho and plant. J7l.'7 "Strenuous efforts havo also been nttending it resulted in the total loss accomplished by which every exigency uenco nis appointment by speaker are very tired of being tnxed for tho ing, tho numberless embarrassments to Tho striking miners of tho Uirming-ham- , Due li Kltori. Jons II, Haiinks, Cashier of Ileavor of which two thirds represent- minors camo forth from their work, Dam I)e Hit Hank, a bank located aud "In this condition of things camo tho Mb. Commissioner appraised vnlnoof its franchises shot them down from ambush. Tkuax, Wholesale Druggists, Tole- ities which aro important to tho settle- Mrs. His enterprise nnd then but 14 of years age, alono in tbe bravery in battle prevented his comworld without friends or money, all of panions from commenting upon his their means having been exhausted in girlish appearance. He says tho man possesses a powor that is ns inexplicablo as it is extraordinary. havo not hesitated to harass tho puhlio every I'raiilforl Capital 1I1IAN. The Democrats trouble iu the camp, as certain us costs tho laborer' moro than it does tho tho employes was indicated by tho fct JI. At Oak- Furniture-nn1,000.00 fixture Tho Times is quite right that en tiro valuo of his timo; the employer posits nearly 3700,000, of which nearly ers in comotition with neighboring land the rioters nssiilcd a moving freight iu sufo between. severe encounter with Federal en airy-me- Stocks nnd Hoods Hon. in., great business depression existing Roseland bono fixed, it can Mrs. Its powers aro so distributed as but because of tho high and iutlucntial I87fi 3 :n,i2i.433:ia mnn. Chapman, bodies of wator, of which threo uro son, two men. tablihedl8s given it by one who knew what pol- Hartford on . remarkably dry, whilo tho dralnago .",,,, business, and the employes building Appeals from this district. Ella Thomas, and tho timo, Tho demand mado beforo prosont on this occasion. Excursion tiokots includ weuk oyes, styes, soro eyes of nuv kind why ho should bo tho great favorite of vision is mado clear, styes Aro removed losses thon being daily incurred by tho calculable benofit not brcthron themselves but to tho whole Reeves nnd of Democracy would ns or granulated lids. Wavno transportation to tho Cavo and ro lids or AT TUB couuty. to an amount do not stay away, but como and throw turn, trips through tho Long nnd Short lor, Cromwell; J. llnglaud, Itosiuo; hia iutluouco nud persistent porsovor- - enred by tho uso of Sutherland's Euglo deliberately increased days' ho is to bo beaten by , v. Irrtnn H- John Darby came to California when ' One of tho boldest nud most dash- a boy, ISO years ago, traveling with his fag of the guerrillas wna a young and mother, tho former an inva- - low named Jack Mason, who said ho lid seeking a climate where he might was from Tennessee. He died sudden- - and antecedents be told his companions ly in tho littlo town of Grass Valley. Ho was slender in form and His widow could not survive the shock effeminate in faco and manner, but aud in a few days she rested by tbe these circumstances were attributed to side of her husband, leaving tho son, his oxtremo youth. I'or Mafltrate: built nt comparatively small cost, citizen of the United the uumbor of originnl claimants 237,200. WOIIK WAS PLENTY", af Overdraft, seenred as l.r'J.'Jl outsido of tho town; nnd the time forward it will probably Felandwill tho Republican nominee, and and mado idle by tho action of labor, this 153.(1-Tho strikers nu tho Pacific const aro Overdrafts, unsecured Wages were high nnd tho condition of houcs fairs be tnoro or less mixed, T, TIU.:(-'- i buildings uud business places in the still engaged in rioting and traius nro Duo from Hanks begin to warm up. An idlo laborer loses tho have two excellent men to choose bhootin.' tho local savings bank had of savings de- town are rented to employes or to oth- being moed uuder difficulties. William the next Congress of tho Hartford at 2 o'clock, p. Rowan, Miv-c-s liettic, near it alongside your uncle Bayless of Appeals they would as well. At last Chicago -Tho tremendous growth of pension than could bo made by other shops, and Tin: "As to charge for water, tho company ploded in Chicago about noon Monday. surance of thoir righto, privileges and nent and faithful services ns our Repreimmuuities,and their protection in their sentative iu tho last threo Congrestes, appropriations during tho past fifteen this, of course, necessitated u reduction until lately had n contract witli tho vil- Threo men wero instantly killed aud Prendergast, the murderer of Mayor in the wages of tho employes at Pull years is o'Mlcinlly given as follows: right of person, reputation and proplage of Hydo Park, under which it paid tuclvo injured, while bullets llew in Carter Harrison, was hanged there at erty. Ho to ond all troublo, but atheir recruiting Ronfrow Rros., Anil, nuipnur (springs; and ono, a sea. tiers hoing FLOWS for EVMl Oil Ta Dd CAOF di.stin- - hill from final come out to hear tho solved, that wo voto against it and work tho nppor has fivo defeat." for Judge of tlio Court of g UMiod speakers discuss tlio Tho Oweusburo Messenger, iu quot- agaiust it and uso all honorable means ing dono by tho depression of tho car tontion of tho brotbron to tho near ar. wero Tho foregoing resolutions and 25th, and earnestly solicits tho eight fcot bolow tho surface. ing in congress such a man as is truly ented lawyer who has won distincquitdered by Mrs. R., August 10th, at hard Resides this thero nro special reasons Wcnk oves aro mado strong, dim effect, that tho actual outgoing money iu the race, and tho friends of Judgo uso Sutherland's Eagle Eye Salvo for only to tho times prices. I propose to bo on hand' and take advantage of whatever conditions may develop out of that impending upheaval. and, under conditions at present existchoice but to submit. Rut, ono thing is very certain, no poor man "What is tho demand concealed un- simple: Tho average rental of tene- owns property iu her own name She Tin: Congressional primary which it tnnv mean a great deal that is to Democracy.

Special nttentlotj ivoutu criminal practice anil collections. To curry out this project in its entirety will not require much only 800,000,000 or so. world is ripening up for tho change that is coming. "A fow words nro pertinent ns to catching n rnilroad working craw. Rvery poor man is striv would not submit to arbitration, nnd is to bo devoutly hoped that tho ing to becomo rich, and every rich man Uufon J-- ll. spread charges man was taken out dead, two moro wero now that disorder seems to bo quelled somo industriously Hon. On fly Fcland's candidacy means a great deal, this depending upou tho man himself, very few, if any, business men in tho thnt tho Pullman employes havo no Miss Samantha King is a pretty Congress in this district. ing iu tho new Third Appellato district, circumstances and opportunities. been paid a sacrifice for our present Young men or young womon nspir-in- g trated pamphlet of Mammoth Cavo Fifty Thouannd Pounda Wool in Point Pleasant; A. Anil, Sulphur tion whetfior he should commit such Intelligent people, who realize tho whithersoever Ho will" wends its way road Bystem. to any vocation in lifo should id- - wrlto or call on any agent of tho O.,' O. important part tho blood holds in keep through tho very center of our bolovcd Springs; Ronfrow Rros., Narrows.

You have found an item located in the Kentuckiana Digital Library. Hartford, KY 1894 haf1894071801 These pages may be freely searched and displayed. Write this down whero you will fall over it every day: Tho timo for a merchant to draw business is when he wants business, nnd not when ho has moro business than ho can attond to already. SAVE l Yil IIRN EYES To persons wlio ilcnlro to aroll themselves of our C.l'.lliirnci.'. An eminent authority writing upon this question says: "A new field in Africa has of late been heralded to tho world. Iu or- honso for just such a contest as tho Lochren hns been cutting off qnito a Tho compaand existing contracts. othor qual- ing exercises, scripturo reading, by from its manufacturing of cars for sale.

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