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How can disabled people be simultaneously priced out of the labour market by the minimum wage and responsible for dragging down our national productivity at the same time?Is it plausible to argue the minimum wage is serving to exclude disabled people from the jobs market when their participation rates have been rising?You can take a shorter crossing - only 5 minutes - from Colintraive on the Cowal Peninsula to Rhubodach near the northern tip of Bute, about 8 miles from Rothesay.The ferry just goes backwards and forwards all day long crossing the Kyles of Bute. You can buy cheap Day Saver tickets for a car and up to 4 people valid during the summer.Other studies have found some evidence of lower productivity, but also unwarranted pay discrimination by employers.One significant theme that emerges from the literature is that the group of people classed as “disabled” is so heterogeneous, with such a broad range of capabilities, that it’s not a good idea to generalise.Another plausible candidate, put forward by the Oxford University economist Simon Wren-Lewis, is that excessive spending cuts by the coalition and Conservative overnments have suppressed productivity-inducing demand – something that, of course, puts the blame at the door of Philip Hammond and his fellow ministers rather than disabled people.

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