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patent on the Blackwater River is where Thomas Boon was located. He seemed confident of these sons: Children of Matthew and Elizabeth STRICKLAND Sr. · William STRICKLAND · Samuel STRICKLAND · Joseph STRICKLAND · John STRICKLAND December 8, 1702, Mathew (M) STRICKLAND sold Thomas BOON for 12,000 pounds of tobacco in cask 300 acres in the Lower Parish on Horse Swamp, Blackwater, First Branch, Gum Branch, and the Arthur WHITEHEAD line, witnessed by William JOLLY, James JOLLY, and Adam MURRAY. Description: 600 acres on the south side of the main Blackwater Swamp. on the top of the hill by the run of the said swamp &c. It was not until the Byrd survey of 1728 was the boundary finalized. seq=1#page_scan_tab_contents Richard Braswell is mentioned in the Philip Ludwell account above. , ack by John Bryan by virture of power of atty from William and Eliz Boon. Is there something of importance here or just coincidence? The other brothers could not write and used “marks”.. to John Bryant of Isle of Wight Co VA 8¬£ current money 100 acres more or less on the north side of Menherring river, joining Matthew Rushing, the second branch and the river now in the actual possession of John Bryan all houses, orchards, gardens, etc. On April 26, 1714, Mathew (M) and Anne (A) STRICKLAND (Deed Book 1, pp. In 1705 Thomas Boon “for eight hundred pounds good tobacco” sold 75 acres to John Long “being a part of a former patent of Wm Williams” “formerly Thomas Curby’s line” “by ye main Blackwater”. the question to me is did he “move” from the Horse Swamp property? I find it fascinating that Thomas Boon and William Browne were some of the earliest settlers (or just speculators? The Braswells, Stricklands, Boons and Brownes intermarried. 1720, 20 pounds sterling, 100 acres on a Cypress Swamp that makes into Morattock river, joining William BOON, the Cypress Swamp, a Gum Pond and James ANDERSON’s fence, part of a Pattent to William BRASSWELL dated 4 Mar. [Bertie County] William Boone and wife Elizabeth to Hubbard Gibson Sr to daughter Mary November 13, 1727 6 pounds 10 sh for 100 ac on NS Marttock River -Cypress swamp-Beaverdam Swamp adj; But these 1721 deeds cause me to be a little suspicious… ======================================= Another random thought… This is a list from the site where i pull extant records of early NC patents. part of a Wit: Benjamin Foreman, Elias Fort 10 July 1721 William Boon of Chowan Prect. that would be Elias Fort, who witnessed the will of Carolus Anderson’s mother in 1732) And note this militia list from 1720… Perhaps he is living north of the Meherrin River and is considered to still be a Virginan who simply also owns land in NC? Another Bracewell daughter was Anne who married Mathew Strickland Jr. bottom line- I have the same woman married to William Boon and also John Joyner. since William Boon seems to live in two places (Occoneechee Neck on the Roanoke and the Meherrin River area) I wonder if it was a father and son with the same name? BERTIE Precinct, NC B-406 May 13, 1728 Wiliam Boon to Carolus Anderson, ” for valuable consideration” 200 ac on Meherrin River, the Great Gutt, Boon and the county line…part of 423 ac tract granted to Boon Dec. Wits: Richard Bayley, Nathaniel Cooper Pro May crt Feb. Skeptic that I am, I had my friend Traci track it down… Joseph, Nicholas, Thomas and William Boon: Note also that this is the Meherrin River area. These relationships can be seen in the various land deals.(Also consider the obvious… ======================================================== Chowan Deek Bk W#1 193: Martha Brown of Albemarle Co, Widow and Extr. It is apparent to me that these sons of the early Thomas Boon of IOW are fairly old by the time they are stomping around NC… 7, 1736, Nicholas Boon to Carolus Anderson, 150 AC SE/S Coreway(sic) Swamp, part of patent to Thos. 4, 1723, Wits: Thos Boon, John Dickenson, John Brient Aug. Cobb Wit: Joseph Cobb, Jr., Nicholas Boon, Abraham Stevenson May Crt., 1740 Oct. crt, 1741 ————————————————————————————– With what appears to be a wealth of information above about those Boons I really can’t figure out squat about where they came from or how they were related. Lo and behold there seems no doubt it is indeed 1668- see eighth line down in the text: To further understand why I am “incredulous” about a 1668 deed see this link for a glimpse of history: Mr Shelton Secretary to the late Lords Proprietors of Carolina attending he was desired to give the Board an account of the Grand Deed from the said Lords Proprietors in 1668 under which the inhabitants pretend a right of paying but 2 shgs per hundred acres for land in North Carolina which he promised to do accordingly. William Bush proudly proclaimed his land as being under the Great Patent. My current theory is that there were 4 or 5 Boon brothers. Of interest also is the William Browne property several miles west of Thomas Boon’s new land. I have no idea who could be the father other than possibly that Nich Boon from 1667 in IOW……. Within walking distance of where Thomas Boon (son-in-law of M. I’ve never found a Virginia patent for this property and suspect it was all accomplished in North Carolina, which was unusual this far north into Virginia.

At this date of 1731 they are likely also living in Bertie County (which was carved from the earlier CHOWAN County). I do make and desire choice of Thomas Manders and my wife as executors. Wits: Thomas Manders [Mandue], Thomas Smith, Martha Brown. ==================================================================================== Map is the Meherrin area I discuss… you can find numerous records for him at the NC Archives online… All of these Boons are obviously born prior to 1700. William Browne and his brother Thomas Browne die 17… it seems their sons would be of age to buy their own land by the 1720s or so. she notes a William Boon Sr & Jr: 2275 pg 190 William Boon 1 March 1719/20 430 acres in Chowan precinct on ye S. 10, 1736 Joseph Boon to Carowlus (sic) Anderson, 50 Ac on Meherrin Riv. 16, 1739 John Bryant to Carolus Anderson, for 5 pds., 100 A part of tract sold by William Bennet to Thomas Boon, Jun. 17, 1739 Nicholas Boon to Arthur Stevenson, 125 A S/S Meherrin Riv adj. 4, 1739-Nicholas Boon to Robert Cobb, 20 pds., 165 A S/S Meherring Riv- purch. Wits: CHARLES Anderson, Joseph Cobb, Jr., Abraham Stevenson, Nov. ————————————————————————————— [] Nicholas Boon to John Braswell, both of Northampton for 41.1.6 pds VA, 490 acres in sd Co., part of a pat. Thomas Boon, decd, May 1, 1668, beginning at the mouth of a branch known by the name of Know Bottom, so up the sd branch bending on George Seller’s line to ye head line of the patent so then bending on the sd patent line to the first station. Note also that one Thomas Boon of these 1720ish records appears to be a “Junior”… if their sister Elizabeth Browne married William Boon then she would be of that generation and age… (and now you catch me having an argument with myself)… at Great gut, being part of patent to William Boon., 423 A Dec. 16, 1739-Carolus Anderson to Benjamin Cobb, for 10 pds, part of patent granted THOMAS BOON for 250 Ac. and by Boon transferred to John Bryant, deed dated Nov. Carolus Anderson, Elias Fort, Joseph Strickland, Wm. Crt, 1739 Sept, 15, 1741- James Tiner to Samuel Strickland, 20 pds., 150 AC S/S Kerby’s Cr. without re-writing anything below, I am now of the opinion that there was never a Thomas Boon property record dating to 1668. The “earliest” record of a Boon that I can even remotely consider to be a progenitor is the Nich Boon of 1667 or so in Isle of Wight, VA.

I also cannot connect any history to that Nich Boon of IOW… So I am left with only questions concerning the early 1700s Boons of NC.

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