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In the meantime, you can quite simply convert your Ogg Vorbis files to MP3 format for use on your i Pod, though there will be a bit of a loss in quality.(This is understandable, considering both formats have their own, incompatible methods of compression which require the throwing out of actual music data.) Of course, if you originally encoded your audio files in FLAC format, this quality issue will be moot.Reprinted with permission from No Starch Press, all rights reserved.More information about the book and its autho With all the talk in the previous chapter about ripping, encoding, and playing back audio files, you may be wondering whether or not you'll be able to transfer any of those files to your i Pod using Linux.If you first used it on a Mac, it will be in Apple's HFS file format.If you first used it on your Windows machine, it will be in Microsoft's FAT32 format.Just plug in your pod, and Ubuntu will do the rest.Although you can use your i Pod in Ubuntu, you should remember that support for such devices is still rather new.

Only XMMS, installed along with the XMMS-MP4 plugin, seems to provide an easy way for you to play such files.Please contact us if you have any difficulties with these images. This excerpt covers using your i Pod with Ubuntu and it is full of tips, tricks, and helpful pointers.All you have to do is plug your i Pod into one of your computer's USB ports, after which Ubuntu will automatically mount it and place an i Pod icon on your desktop (Figure 16-1).

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    Hi Jeff, Some of these ‘errors’ aren’t really errors For example, this one is from the ft5x06 touch screen driver and means in English “You don’t have.…