Engaging and dating reltionship at adolescence

It can be uncomfortable for some parents to come to terms with their child dating.It’s normal to feel scared, worried or sometimes sad about it.Early experiences of infatuation and love provide chances to learn what romantic relationships are all about.The relationships themselves can be immensely rewarding. We’ve probably all known adolescents who get “dumped” by a partner, then go to a party, drink heavily and engage in risky sex with someone else.

Teenage relationships come naturally with adolescence, just like acne, facial hair or mood swings- it’s completely normal, so it’s best to embrace it! There are a lot of emotions involved when teens start dating.Not only is adolescence overwhelming enough with school stress, navigating friendships and dealing with hormones- relationships add a whole other layer to the cake.When teens begin romantic relationships it’s exciting, it’s consuming, it’s fun and it’s sometimes heartbreaking.In addition, make sure you talk to your child about respectful relationships as this is an important step in them recognising respectful relationships, and importantly, when they might not be in one.