First few weeks of dating how often to call

Once you have had your first date and he has made contact with you numerous times, then you need to make sure he knows you are interested in him too.There are subtle ways you can do this, without chasing him or being/appearing 'too easy to get'.Even if he asked for your number in that coffee shop and you do not hear from him within a short space of time he is NOT interested enough..on.Plus, why would you even want to waste your time chasing a guy who isn't really interested in you anyway? Now, if this does happen to you (as it does all of us, including me) please do not let it bother you or make you feel unattractive, unwanted or unworthy of a relationship.Now, I know everybody says this but do not text him, let him text you.It doesn't matter if when you met him at that bar/coffee shop/[insert place here] he already appeared to worship the ground you walk on, that was because you were already there, chatting to him in person, therefore this type of play didn't require much effort for the guy to lure you in and attract you, basically, he didn't have to go out of his way.This is mostly achieved by how you behave during a date.Firstly, always turn up and be on time-ish (never early, preferably 5 minutes late).

However, also be aware that if he does take a while at times, it doesn't mean he isn't interested, it may just be that he is busy or he forgot, but if he likes you enough, he will not forget forever and will make contact with you once again.

Also, if he really has been contacting you first for a while, it is okay to initiate contact every so often (about once a week) just to let him know you are putting in a little effort too and your relationship is developing.