Halal dating tips

In this fictional future, I would meet a handsome and charming guy (who looked like Hugh Grant) in some impractical situation.We would hate each other at first but after a series of silly circumstances and a whole lot of mayhem, we would fall in love and I would realise that he was the one. Oh yeah, I’m Muslim Like many Muslim girls growing up, I was constantly told that dating was haram (forbidden) so having a boyfriend was never an option.’ While dating often implies behaviour that is prohibited by Islam like physical contact and sexual intercourse (not necessarily with marriage in the picture), the priorities of Muslims who ‘halal date’ are different.

As I grew up and I developed a long-term relationship, I wanted my parents to acknowledge that I was seeing someone and that has helped in many ways,’ she says.‘If I had married the first guy I dated, I’d be a young divorcee by now.Those experiences with unsuitable men led me to finding the wonderful husband I have now.’ For those who choose to date, abstaining from all forms of physical contact is very important in order to remain within their religion’s jurisdictions.Finally, we would have a climactic moment at a beautiful park, in front of a famous landmark, or the first place we met, and we would share a fireworks-inducing kiss (with real fireworks behind us) right before the credits began to roll. While my friends were ‘going steady’ then breaking up, I’d sit on the sidelines and silently disapprove.

That used to be my fantasy until I realised several things: 1. At the same time, I was expected to get married someday and fulfill half my deen, so it was all quite confusing for me.

It’s important to have that discipline of remembering that you’re a Muslim and there are things [you] can’t do,’ says Sarah, adding ‘Although I trust my boyfriend, temptation is always there, I think.’ Noticeably, control and discipline are important aspects practised by these couples.