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"With a once-in-a-lifetime experience, you want to build memories, whether it's sexual, partying or on the field. On the grass, between buildings, people are getting down and dirty." The anonymous runner who spoke to CNN, said that he found himself in the exact situation Solo had described, despite the surveillance of airborne security at the Village employed after a bomb exploded at the Atlanta Games in 1996."It was around one in the morning and security wouldn't let us out of the Village, so me and my roommate went to the cafeteria for something to eat.Athletes from the Bahamas, Jamaica, friends that you keep with on the circuit all excited about being there. "In the Village you have an official masseuse and I was having problems with my leg after my race.So I went to the medical center which ultimately led to me having a rub down and I remember the very pretty lady who was going to treat me.Olympic Park, London (CNN) -- The face of the Olympics is well known the world over: athletes winning, losing, straining every sinew of their bodies in the pursuit of podium glory. The International Olympic Committee (IOC) wouldn't say that, but it is, you can't shy away from it. " The Athletes' Village at the Olympic Games is a unique environment: Nearly 3,000 tightly packed apartments, containing over 10,000 of the world's finest athletes who have traveled from more than 200 countries around the world to stay for a two-week sporting jamboree.But behind the scenes there is another story of the athletes' lives and the use of their bodies, one that centers on their time staying at the Olympic Village. A potent mix of fit, body beautiful, young people -- many of whom have abstained from sexual intercourse as part of a disciplined training regime -- being in the same place, at the same time; cocooned from the outside world by tight security and often reveling in the glory of success and attention of devoted crowds and the world's press.

"Hey, sometimes you gotta do what you gotta do." Solo believes the friendly nature of the Games makes it easy to meet people.The 16-year-old defeated top-ranked Andrea Becerra from Mexico in the compound cadet women’s bronze final 142-141.She defeated Mexican Sophia Sanfelice 140-139 but lost to Alexandra Paquette from Canada 137-135 in the semifinals.Sports Organizations | Leadership | Sports Sites | Football | Athletes | History | Gallery | Video News Iran detains 35 women for going to football match - BBC (March 1, 2018) Iran's female skier blazes a trail to Pyeongchang - Al Jazeera (February 8, 2018) Sporting Field Expands for Women - Financial Tribune (February 7, 2018) Iranian woman skydiver looks to break down stereotypes - News International (January 23, 2018) Iran Allows Women Weightlifters To Compete Internationally - RFE/RL (November 24, 2017) Chess player banned by Iran for not wearing a hijab switches to US - Telegraph (October 3, 2017) Iranian women refused entry to match despite holding tickets - BBC (September 5, 2017) Iran football ticket 'glitch' gave female fans hope - BBC (September 4, 2017) Iranian soccer star banned for not wearing hijab in exhibition game - RT (April 27, 2017) Women defy Tehran's last minute marathon ban - CNN (April 10, 2017) Iran Bans Female Billiards Players For Violating Islamic Codes Of Conduct - RFE/RL (March 31, 2017) Dream Big: Meet the First Female Biker in the History of Iran's Motor Sports - Sputnik News (March 21, 2017) Meet the Iranian Kick-Boxing Female Superstar - Sputnik News (March 14, 2017) International Women's Day: Iran's first female triathlete - BBC (March 7, 2017) Iran bans teenage chessplayers for "harming national interests" - Chess Base (February 21, 2017) Iran: Women Allowed to Attend Kish Island Open - HRW (February 17, 2017) Women in Iran dress as men in bid to watch soccer game - USA Today (February 16, 2017) Behnaz Shafiei: Iran's trailblazing female biker makes history with women's race - BBC (February 3, 2017) Iranian women push boundaries through sport - France24 Video (January 24, 2017) Iranian duo make history in women's volleyball by moving to Bulgaria - Reuters (January 18, 2017) Q&A: Iranian chess player Sara Khadem - Al Jazeera (January 17, 2017) Iran chess master Khademalsharieh sustains 1st loss in FIDE Grand Prix - Press TV (November 30, 2016) Iranian girls win world junior taekwondo championship - Mehr News (November 21, 2016) Stars of Tomorrow: Iran's Mobina Nejad Katesari - World Taekwondo Federation (November 17, 2016) Who benefits from a chess championship boycott?

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"Anyone who wants to be naive and say they don't know what's going on in the Village are lying to themselves," one former gold medalist and veteran of two Olympics told CNN of his previous experiences at the Games. Olympics live blog It is maybe only human nature that people, when placed together, procreate to some extent, but that libidinous cocktail means London 2012 officials were right if the experiences of Sydney and Atlanta were anything to make 150,000 condoms -- a record for the modern Games -- available to the Village's frisky inhabitants, according to CNN's source "The athletes don't know what to expect the first time they go to the Olympics, but it just happens," added the former gold medalist, who is now approaching his late 30s, looking back at his Olympic experiences.