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Is there really anything to fear from the strong personality type people?

This knowledge will help you gain a leadership edge and stay in control during high stakes communications with every personality type. You’re likeable enough but you seem to repel people as opposed to attract them, and the ones you do attract, sort of get on your nerves.Either way, if you are a strong personality or know of someone who is, here are so me of the reasons why you might be repelling people. If someone says something bad about you or to you, you’ll stop them dead in their tracks and you aren’t afraid in the least to do just that.We all have unique personality qualities and astrology is just one of many ways we can reveal our interior selves to the world.

So, the next time you meet someone with hardcore RBF (or who intimidates you immediately), take a look at their astrological sign.

Because they're exactly like M&Ms — a tough outside shell protecting a wonderful core of sweetness beneath.