Journalist dating rush limbaugh

We are learning just how important to their identity their version of sophistication is, their version of taste, their version of refinement.And we’re learning that all of that matters more than policy implementation, more than good ideas/bad ideas, more than success, more than failure.The other president is working to unwind this insane deal and do what he can to prevent this state sponsor of terrorism from getting nuclear weapons. Because this president wanted it to implode so the government could take over all of it. Who’s the man with whom we are in better hands here? Is it the Washington establishment unraveling, or is it Donald Trump perhaps getting rid of the filth and the dirt and giving this country a working chance again? Who’s the nutcase, who’s the dangerous one, and who is, in under a year, unraveling all of the mistakes borne of the either poor ideology or just blatant stupidity of the previous administration?The other president is doing everything he can to unwind that and deregulate as much of the Obama health care takeover as he can. One president slow-walks and handcuffs the military with stupid, dangerous rules of engagement preventing our military from defending themselves or acting aggressively and firing on bad guys. They’re here.” Destabilizing the Middle East, destabilizing a victory in Iraq, leading to terror attacks around the world. One president micromanages the economy into the ground and tells the American people that our better days are behind us. We need to redefine smart, ’cause I’m gonna tell you, it isn’t Barack Obama, and it certainly isn’t Hillary Clinton, and it isn’t Bill Clinton. The Washington establishment thinks intelligence is defined by where you come from, what university, what professors you knew, what degrees you have in common.We stole resources from other nations around the world. His replacement liberates the economy, unleashes the United States economy to the point in under a year it is growing at twice the rate it ever grew under Barack Obama. They simply rely on the fact that they are better than everyone else and whoever doesn’t meet up is not just wrong, but is sick.And yet we’re told Obama’s brilliant, he’s so smart, we can’t even stay in the same room with him. He’s so brilliant, all we can do is bow at his feet and try not to be blinded by the light reflecting off him. We have never had a more spoiled bunch of arrogant snobs claiming to know everything in such a fit of panic.They have been so cloistered together from the time they met, to the time they went to university, to the time they came out of university and went into government, went into politics, whatever they went into. And if they’re not smart in the way these people think they’re smart, then of course we get what we’re getting today. Michael Wolff’s book: Everybody who knows Donald Trump thinks that he is unfit, 100 percent think Donald Trump is a moron and describe him as a child, 100 percent of the people around Trump say he’s lost his mind?And this from an author who admits he’s not sure everything in his book is true and who admits that he said whatever he had to say to get his story, which he admits is not all true.

Today more than ever, more than ever, more than at any time in the last three years it is abundantly clear and over-the-top evident that very few people inside Washington, in the establishment, inside the Beltway in American politics have the slightest idea who Donald Trump is. There’s one worldview to have, and anything outside it is not even worth considering except when anything outside it triumphs and dominates, then it’s panic time. He shouldn’t be around buttons that lead to weapons and bombs.

I have long held, ladies and gentlemen, we need to redefine “smart” in this country.