Least intimidating team names

I don’t understand why teams choose names that wouldn’t even intimidate a grandmother.With all of the amazing animals out there, I’m still questioning the Anaheim Ducks.Professional athletes must be extremely grateful for their team mascots.During moments of intense pressure, it must really inspire them to see a six-foot-tall fuzzy animal dancing on the sidelines.Lord Jeff was a veteran on the British/American side of the French and Indian War, and he was the first British governor general in what is now Canada.Lord Jeffs is a controversial figure, particularly given reports that he advocated giving smallpox-infested blankets to Native Americans.

Some other perplexing choices: Chicago White Sox and Boston Red Sox.Amherst College was named after the city in Massachusetts where the college is located, which is nothing unusual.What is unusual is that the athletic program uses the name of the man for whom the city and ultimately the college are named after: Lord Jeffery Amherst.Today we open the voting for the Vocation Regional. This mascot is so awesome that three colleges in the Spokane area use it as part of a shared athletic program.

Bigfoot/Sasquatch has spawned several high-profile media campaigns, such as Animal Planet’s Finding Bigfoot and the Jack Link’s Beef Jerky commercials.

Canned meat be scary if it is past the expiration date. Many people have had heart attacks after receiving their bill from the auto repair shop. Have you ever seen the ingredients in Chicken Mc Nuggets? My theory is that New York was trying to keep things simple by rhyming their teams. However, the major advantage these teams have is that their holy names could put the fear of God in the hearts of their enemies.