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To thousands of fans of the Channel 4 reality show, model James, 27, was known for his glamorous, carefree lifestyle, rugged good looks and relationship with co-star Lucy Watson (pictured together, left). As we await tonight's show, Event nominates the winners, losers and most shameless schmoozers from 90 years of the Oscars...But ten years ago, as a teenager, James lost his older sisters Jodi and Lucinda to cystic fibrosis (CF) in the space of just 20 months (pictured together, right). 'This award has never gone to a s**thole nation, because there are no s**thole nations,' Hayek said while presenting an award at the event on Saturday in Santa Monica, California.Sarah Carruthers, 27, lives in the same council flat block as two convicted sex offenders in Glasgow.Now she is desperate to move out because paedophile hunters are harassing the offenders so viciously.There are many cultural differences between our country and France.At my last doctor's appointment in France, I was asked if I was going to breast-feed my newborn.The images include a giant snow rabbit complete with carrot in the mouth (left), a sausage dog made entirely from the white stuff (inset) and a spaniel covered in snow (right).As large swathes of the snow are set to melt as temperatures rise, here are some of the best pictures sent in by Mail Online readers.

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It featured in the famous 1973 TV advert, top, showing a baker's delivery boy struggling to get his bike to the top.The mostly male bosses of Britain's biggest 100 firms listed on the Stock Exchange raked in an average of £5.2 million last year.In contrast, the handful of women at the top took home just £2.6 million.Storm Emma has uncovered an unexploded World War II bomb (right) on Slapton Sands in Devon.

It was the second weapon from the 1940s to be found on the beach amid the severe weather, after a US M1A1 anti-tank mine was destroyed in a controlled explosion yesterday.

James Bulger's killer Jon Venables has been moved to a new jail and given yet another identity after prisoners put a price on his head. The Mexico-born actress was referring to an alleged remark Trump made in a January meeting with lawmakers, which he denies.