Malese jow dating

Malese’s dedication to her career is what will lead her in inevitable success.What began as a child's dream is steadily developing into a serious passion and career.A media darling who is refreshingly honest, focused, and amazingly positive, Malese is true to herself, and stands for what she believes in her heart.In a world where people constantly want to change you, Malese relies on her family for guidance and support.Back in April Celeb Dirty Laundry was the first to give you tweets from Nina looking for an apology and it was pretty obvious at the time that she had been wronged or cheated on by her former flame.Since then we have seen Ian step out with a series of random chicks while Nina is still taking care of herself rather than jumping back into the dating game.

This was a learning experience for me," exclaims Malese, "and it only made me more passionate to continue my pursuit of acting and singing.” Her vocal abilities and charismatic crowd appeal left an impact on Ed Mc Mahon, and he personally invited her on tour with his variety show later that year.

The young girl from Tulsa, Oklahoma with a dream has developed into an actress, songstress, and entertainer who has maintained her image as a real girl who is the epitome of today’s girl next door.