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And, even more amazing, – astrology was not enough. Then another woman would come wanting to know about her man, and their compatibility would be just “so-so” and yet, she’d report that they were very happy. Shouldn’t good compatibility be some sort of guarantee that a relationship would work?Here’s what I mean: a woman would come to me wanting to know about her compatibility with a man. (Before you go thinking I’m saying compatibility is all hogwash, let me assure you that the couples with very incompatible charts were never happy, even if they really loved each other. ) In my own life, I’d been seeing an amazing man for a while, and one of my astrology mentors had said we had the best astrological compatibility he’d seen in twenty-nine years of doing readings, and yet we broke up. Why were some of my clients with just mediocre astrological compatibility with their men happy and staying together, and yet others (including me and my guy!Thrice-married Jane, 79, fell for the record producer seven years ago but friends say the pair have found it hard to cope with Richard's Parkinson's disease – not least because of his refusal to 'take it seriously'.Richard, 74, is now moving out of Jane's Sunset Boulevard home.This can all be seen in the stars – And just as importantly, if not more so – do you know how to make a relationship last once you’ve found one? Can you ask for his help in a way that will make him happy to give it?Do you know how to bring a man closer, and attract a great one in the first place?Like many celebrities, Olympic hero Tom Daley has chosen a private island for his wedding, but guests needn't pack the sunscreen – it's in England!I hear the 22-year-old diver had hoped to marry American Dustin Lance Black in May at the trendy Soho Farmhouse in Oxfordshire but negotiations have broken down, so the latest whisper is the pair have chosen a venue on Osea Island, Essex. I'm sorry to report that Jane Fonda has split from the love of her twilight years, Richard Perry.

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I eventually had my own radio show for three years on which I interviewed some of the most influential authors, practitioners, therapists, and coaches on the topic of relationships of our time. Best of all, when you follow the rules of love AND the stars align in your favor – well, that’s when life becomes truly magical.

You see, one of the keys has nothing to do with the stars – it has to do with YOU. When I figured that out (and that mine were sorely lacking, and were to blame for my amazing, “perfect match” boyfriend heading off into the sunset without me) I went on a quest to learn all I could about relationships.