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Source: Shutter Stock reddituser6686372: study your profs. Do they want straightforward textbook answers or do they want your own opinion on the subject? recommends an author, read not only that author's work but also his detractors. Straight A student for all of college and held down at least one if not multiple jobs throughout -- it is possible, just takes a lot of discipline. Even if it's an hour a week, do something just for you to reduce your stress levels.It shows you went above and beyond to understand the issue in question Try to get to know your teacher to figure out exactly what they want. Schedule it ahead of time and keep it consistent every week.Well, Ask Reddit has come to the rescue with this thread asking for tips from straight A students on how to get on their level. Check out these 15 awesome secrets now: doglinsonbrooks: Multiple semesters in the 2.0 range and my final four between 3.5-4.0. Getting good grades can be very similar to losing weight. Source; Shutter Stock jeffcrawdaddy: Start off by pretending whatever your reading/studying is very interesting.Accounting degree that got me into a decent law school with a scholarship. Everyone is looking for a trick, a secret that will help them get what they want immediately. Just keep imaging pretend scenarios where the information could POTENTIALLY be (even comically) useful.Source: Shutter Stock veni-veni-veni: I screwed up the first half of college. year I was paired up with a really chill dude in O-chem lab. A lot of profs will give clues as to what they feel is a point of emphasis.

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If done correctly, you'll actually teach yourself the subject as you find out nuances in question generation that you didn't catch before.Don't give up on a class because you bomb a test, don't give up on a semester because you're failing a class, realize that there is a TON of room for error and that any mistakes you make can be fixed.If you want to get straight A's, then you need to make school your number one priority.As someone who was good in school but never the best, I was amazed by her.