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Sense of "characterized by friendliness or geniality" is from 1660s.

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“When I’m intimate with a man, I want him to be connected to me as an individual, not as a prefabricated hyper-sexualized notion,” Rhee says, explaining her discomfort with race play.We all carry bias, and most of us have been on the receiving end of bigotry, exclusionary tactics and ‘othering’ at some point in our lives.Race play gives me the opportunity to explore this within the safer context of a controlled environment, and see where my mind and heart takes me.” Njaila Rhee, a popular sex-positive blogger who also works in adult entertainment, has a different opinion.Within the “kink” community, there are subgroups catering to specific interests and fetishes.

Within these safe spaces, people can comfortably express their alternative desires among like-minded people who won’t dismiss them as weirdos.

Meaning "of or pertaining to society as a natural condition of human life" first attested 1695, in Locke.