Types of online dating scams

Scammers' messages can be highly sophisticated, often using trusted brands and logos to make their messages look like the real thing.If you're not sure, talk through the suspicious message with a friend, family member or colleague, or check its legitimacy by contacting the relevant business or organisation directly.The scammers will request money for: Private investigator will likely confirm most of the information the girl provided you about herself (name, address, family members, etc).Sometimes however this type of scammer lies about her employment, previous marriages, and lifestyle.Warning: this type of a scam is dangerous because the scammers ask for a serious amount of cash up front, rather than "nickeling and diming" the victim to death.

Do Russians/Ukrainians really have to pay a certain amount of money to be able to leave the country?

(by Elena Garrett, 2009) Visa and Tickets Scammer Advanced Fee Investment Scammer Unscrupulous or Fake Marriage / Translation Agency Vacation Hunter Pro Dater Accommodation Scams Bigger Better Deal Hunter Green Card Hunter / Gold Digger Imagine this: a 20-years old rough-looking unemployed college student named Boris is typing to you "My beloved [insert your name here], I went to the travel agency and they said that I will need to buy visa and tickets to travel to you. The then attaches to the message a picture of a shy-looking pretty young lady blowing you a kiss. He is a ruthless con-man who is making money selling elaborate fantasy stories to trusting foreigners.

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    Types of scams. There are many different types of scams online, and some common types are described below. Dating and romance. Criminals attempt to start an online.…