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This SDTV standard became BT.601, which was then expanded upon into BT.709 in HDTV.The BT.709 standard got carried over into s RGB color standard used in PCs and computer displays.Unimportant cosmetic variations (like color, chrome trim and exact location of ports) are not included.Note that for Other OS, it was disabled in firmware 3.21 and higher.Feel free to read other technology "SECRETS" by visiting the menu at the top of this page.

To compensate for these problems, the full range of values was limited to 16-235 instead of 0-255.Combining prefix and suffix allows you to arrive at an actual PS3 model number.Note that although the harddrive capacity and memory card readers are missing in some models, you can upgrade or add the capability later.For the PS3 Slim, an additional letter (appendix) is added to the end of the model number to designate harddrive size.

From the chart above you can see that CECHJ, CECHM, and CECHQ were only released to a few regions.

Both are 120GB models because starting with the PS3 Slim, the harddrive size is designated by an appended letter after the region code (in this case A=120GB, and B=250GB).

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