Updating windows 98 without an internet connection

Large numbers of individuals and companies still have older versions of Windows running on their computers.And even with Windows Vista on the horizon, compared to these older versions, Windows XP still offers a user-friendly experience and security functions that go far beyond its predecessors, including Windows 2000.This option is most useful in cases where you have customized user settings that you want to preserve.Chapter 1, "Windows Version History," introduced you to the various versions of Windows, past and present, and briefly mentioned the features of Windows XP.The following tasks are suggested, and depend on the current operating system on the computer: NOTE Because Windows XP is more architecturally similar to Windows NT/2000 than to Windows 98/Me, you generally have fewer application compatibility problems when upgrading a Windows NT or 2000 computer to Windows XP, relative to Windows 98/Me.TIP Keyboards, mice, and legacy Pn P devices are especially prone to hardware compatibility problems.Most individuals and companies acquire Windows XP installed on a new computer.

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After you have run the Microsoft Windows Upgrade Advisor and ascertained that you want to perform an upgrade installation of Windows XP, you are ready to proceed.In Chapter 2, "Installing Windows," we talked about baseline Windows XP installation concepts and features as well as how to perform clean and professional installations of the XP operating system.In this chapter I cover how to perform an upgrade Windows XP installation, in which Windows XP replaces a previous Windows OS without first removing all data from the system drive and starting from scratch.If Windows XP drivers are not available, Windows 2000 drivers may work.

After you have ensured that your computer meets all hardware requirements for Windows XP Professional and that you have performed all required preliminary tasks, you are ready to perform the actual upgrade.

Some keyboards and mice do not work after an upgrade.

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    Aug 19, 2004. That's how long your average unprotected PC running Windows XP, fresh out of the box, will last once it's connected to the Internet. It's interesting to ponder just how. As the SANS Institute notes, 20 minutes is not long enough to update your Windows PC before it is too late. If you take a new PC out of the.…