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Here goes: You say you have no regrets, and you don't mention feeling traumatized by the experience, but the absence of trauma doesn't confer some sort of retroactive, after-the-fact immunity on your mother.She is responsible for her actions—actions that were abusive and highly likely to leave you traumatized.I haven't thought about this for years, and it is something my mother and I have never discussed. But even today, we sometimes send each other friendly messages that are vaguely suggestive.The problem is I mentioned it to my wife recently and she went ballistic.

The latest scam from China involves some very innocent looking – but pretty – girls from China.This is particularly gross since you can use the free web site from Google Translate that works wonders.If you need to translate any love letters or email in Chinese or Thai for a girl that speaks little English, just use the free Google translate service.We don't have any children—so if I were to leave, I wouldn't be disrupting an innocent's life. Truthful Revelation Unmakes Two Happy Spouses I'm not a professional counselor, TRUTHS, but I'm gonna climb out on a limb and say that a game of truth or dare isn't the right time to reveal an incestuous sexual relationship with a parent. Miletski is a psychotherapist and a sex therapist, and Dr. Both are certified by the American Association of Sexuality Educators, Counselors, and Therapists, and both are authors—Dr. "Sexual relations between mother and son are considered the most taboo form of incest." Dr.

Miletski literally wrote the book on the subject of mother-son incest: Mother-Son Incest: The Unthinkable Broken Taboo Persists. Miletski told me it isn't uncommon for a woman who has been abandoned by her husband to turn to an adolescent son for emotional comfort.

And while I'm glad this man believes he has not been affected by this boundary violation, [the fact that he and his mother are] sending suggestive messages to each other may suggest otherwise." Dr.

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