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This Bible study for couples is based on the popular Christian marriage seminar, the Marriage Refresh provided in both Texas and Colorado.After countless couples requested it be made available to their family and friends living out of state, the seminar was professionally recorded in a studio to make it accessible to couples living anywhere in the world.Use our Bible verses by topic page to quickly find scriptures about popular topics.The Bible has very little to say about “dating” because people in ancient times didn’t really date.They seek activities through which they can both get to know their date and act in a way that is pleasing to God. Just remember to take Jesus along with you everywhere you go!Exhausted from feeling disconnected and continually struggling in your marriage? God loves marriage and hates divorce; therefore, investing in marriage blesses families, the Church, and the community.

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They seek relationships with people who will support them in their walk with God.While it is normal and natural to be attracted to someone of the opposite sex, we are called by God to keep those urges under control until we commit to someone in marriage.The New Testament clearly teaches that sex outside of marriage is sinful (1 Corinthians 6:9-11,18-20; Hebrews 13:4). Since that is true, Christians who date will want to choose activities in public places where conversations and healthy activities can be carried on without becoming involved in too much intimacy.Just getting started and want to know how to do marriage right? Since we are sinful by nature, we all drift in the wrong direction in marriage towards selflishness, busyness, and isolation.

This page will introduce you to the most powerful couples Bible study available! God wants us to thrive in marriage but most of us haven't been taught how to.

Do the kinds of things that you, as a Christian, feel good about doing.

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